relight unused portion

Use up to 15 times

recycle with other cans

made from sugarcane

Powerful and Green

Fuel 21 is the ideal choice in portable warming fuels.

Fuel 21 is a new, high-performing ethanol gel that burns hotter and longer than other portable fuels. And the all-natural formula is made from sustainable sugarcane. So you can enjoy a fuel that works hard while remaining gentle on people and our planet.

  • Burns clean without toxins, odors, smoke or emissions
  • Maintains high heat output of 208°F from start to finish
  • Refillable system saves you up to 30% on fuel costs
  • Natural and sustainable sugarcane-based ethanol gel
  • Reusable gel lets you burn to the last drop, so there's no wasted fuel
  • 100% recyclable containers and packaging

In the past, "going green" meant settling for products that didn't work as well as their chemical-based counterparts. Fuel 21 changes all the rules.

Fuel 21 lets you do what's best for our environment without compromising performance. And it's cost-effective, making it even easier to switch.

Fuel 21 set the new standard for green. It's no wonder people call us the fuel for the 21st century.

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