Focused on Providing a Smarter Fuel to Protect Our Future

At Fuel 21st Inc., we believe choice equals power. And making the right choice shouldn't require making sacrifices.

When we analyzed current green fuels, we found none provided the high-performance heat people needed, and the environmental and health safety people wanted. That's why we started Fuel 21st Inc.

With Fuel 21 products, you can truly go green without sacrificing performance. That's why we call it the Fuel for the 21st century: Fuel 21 performs better than other conventional fuels, it's all-natural, sustainable, and cost-effective.

For us, sustainability goes beyond how we treat the environment. It's our way of life.

Fuel 21 lets you do what's safer - and smarter - for people, our planet, and your business.

That's the power of having a real choice. That's the power of Fuel 21.

Meet our staff

Tom Madden, President

Starting in grade school, Tom spent his life serving others. He served his community as a Boy Scout, then served his country as a commissioned officer in the United States Navy. After a successful 25-year Naval career, Tom continued in the Navy as a service manager for a defense contractor. A few years later, Tom founded a company providing biodegradable, single-use products to the restaurant and hotel industries.

Tom takes pride in helping businesses obtain products that support their success, and providing it with the service they desire. Tom founded Fuel 21st, Inc. to supply a green fuel that delivers the reliable performance his customer's need, while protecting their health and the environment.

Brian Madden
Vice President of Sales

Before Fuel 21st, Inc., Brian had a successful 13-year sales career in the sports industry, including corporate sales in Major League Baseball. He joined Fuel 21 because of his commitment to promoting products that not only benefit the consumer, but also care for the environment.

Brian explains, "Going green goes beyond protecting our health and not polluting our environment. It's also about preserving our natural resources. Finding ways to improve our quality of life is essential to the success of our environmental and economic futures."



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