Higher heat output, so
   you use less fuel

Reuse and refill cans up
   to 15 times

Burns to the last drop
   for maximum burn time

All packaging and
   containers are
   100% recyclable

       No greenhouse gas

A Warming Fuel that Gives You True Peace-of-Mind

In food service, your success requires maintaining staff and guest safety from the moment you prepare the food until you finish service. That's why professionals nationwide rely on Fuel 21.

Our all-natural formula is made from sustainable sugarcane and does not contain any toxins, additives or preservatives. This makes Fuel 21 extremely safe to handle and burn around food and people.

Fuel 21 burns hotter and longer than other wicks and gels to keep your food at the ideal serving temperature. This ensures food taste and quality while protecting guests against food-borne illnesses.

And Fuel 21 makes it cost-effective to go green. Any unused gel stores safely in its can, then easily re-lights for your next event. To maximize your savings, we provide a convenient refill system that reduces your fuel costs by up to 30%.

  • More Safety
  • More Heat
  • More Savings
Fuel 21 is safer for people and the planet.

Fuel 21 is an all-natural ethanol gel made from sustainable sugarcane. One of sugarcane's advantages is it generates the intense heat value you desire, since sugar burns hotter than other plant-based fuels such as corn.

And because Fuel 21 is 100% natural, it burns without odor, fumes, or smoke. So your guests will always notice the food - not the fuel.

Fuel 21 is the truly green fuel

  • No additives

  • No toxins

  • No petroleum

  • Water-soluble

  • No methanol

  • 100% recyclable

  • Negligible carbon footprint

  • No greenhouse gas emissions (including carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide)

Fuel 21 burns hotter and longer than other gels

Once lit, Fuel 21 maintains an even 208°F heat output from start to finish.

In contrast, other gels and wicks peak at 180°F-195°F then cool down as they continue burning. This cooling process puts food at risk of food-borne illnesses or adds the cost of burning more cans to maintain safe food temperatures.

Fuel 21 gives you greater reliability and savings because Fuel 21 burns hot to the very last drop. Our long-burning cans produce such consistent heat, you can use less fuel per event.

This saves you more money and ensures your guests enjoy safe, delicious food.

Fuel 21 saves you up to 30% on your fuel costs

Fuel 21 is reusable so you don't waste money throwing out unused fuel. Leftover fuel stores safely in its can and easily re-lights when you need it again.

With our convenient refill system, you can refill each can up to fifteen times. This helps you save up to 30% off your fuel costs.

Then when you're ready for a new can, just recycle the old one. All Fuel 21 packaging and containers are 100% recyclable, so nothing ever goes into landfills.



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