Higher heat output, so
   you use less fuel

No waste - leftover gel
   easily relights for next use

  All packaging and
   containers are 100%

         No greenhouse gas

The safe, reliable fuel for emergencies and disaster relief

In emergency or disaster relief situations, one of the biggest challenges is providing people with a reliable fuel source for boiling drinking water or cooking. Fuel 21 solves this problem by providing a compact and easy-to-use natural fuel that burns hotter and longer than other portable fuels.

Fuel 21 is an all-natural ethanol gel made from sustainable sugarcane grown in South Africa. The formula does not contain any toxins, methanol, petroleum, or other dangerous chemicals. Our careful choice in raw materials and formulation lowers Fuel 21's carbon footprint to a negligible level.

The gel heats up quickly and stays hotter than other portable fuels. This provides consistent heat for cooking. It's also ideal for keeping food hot for hours and protecting it from food-borne illnesses. Any unused gel stores conveniently in its can and easily re-lights for the next use.

Our clean-burning formula makes it safe for people to use Fuel 21 indoors or outdoors without any special ventilation. In case of accidental fire, the water-soluble formula quickly extinguishes with water.

  • A Safer Fuel
  • Reliable Heat
  • Cost-Effective
Fuel 21 is a truly green portable fuel

Fuel 21 is an all-natural ethanol gel made from sustainable sugarcane grown in South Africa. One of sugarcane's advantages is it generates an intense heat, because sugar burns hotter than other plant-based fuels such as corn.

Fuel 21 burns with no odor, fumes, or smoke. This makes it safer to use in the often-cramped spaces of emergency or disaster relief situations. It is also safe to use around people with compromised health conditions.

Our all-natural formula does not emit greenhouse gases. This means no carbon monoxide, dioxin, and nitrous oxide. Fuel 21 only emits a minimal amount of carbon dioxide.

Safer for people and the environment

  • No additives

  • No toxins

  • No petroleum

  • Water-soluble

  • No methanol

  • 100% recyclable packaging and containers

  • Made from sustainable sugarcane

  • Negligible carbon footprint

Fuel 21 burns hotter and longer than other portable fuels

Once lit, Fuel 21 maintains an even 208°F heat output from start to finish. In contrast, other ethanol and methanol-based fuels peak at 180°F-195°F then cool down as they continue burning.

This cooling process puts food at risk of food-borne illnesses. Or it adds the cost and inconvenience of burning more cans to achieve basic tasks such as boiling water or cooking food.

Burns efficiently to maximize cost-effectiveness

Fuel 21 doesn't just perform better, it can save you money. One reason is the long-burning cans produce such high heat, you often use less fuel.

Any unused gel stores safely in its can, then easily re-lights when it's needed again. So no fuel is wasted.



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