Sustainability Statement

At Fuel 21st, we believe sustainability isn't just about how we treat the environment.
It's our way of life.

This starts with the sugarcane used in all Fuel 21 products. Our sugarcane farms incorporate practices that improve the farmer's quality of life while enhancing the overall community.

Our sustainability continues to how our products are safe for people to handle, which makes it pleasant for people to use. This means no odors, no dangerous emissions, no toxins, no petroleum...no bad stuff-ever.

  • People
  • Product
  • Packaging
More ways we increase sustainability:
  • Fuel 21 pays livable wages and maintains manageable employee workloads

  • Fuel 21 is independently owned and operated

  • Fuel 21 is a certified small business (SBE) and a veteran business enterprise (SDVB)

  • Fuel 21 provides flexible work hours to help employees maintain work/life balance

  • Fuel 21 uses local resources whenever possible

  • Fuel 21 prints on recycled paper

  • Fuel 21 reduces paper use by sending information electronically whenever possible

More ways we increase sustainability:
  • Fuel 21 is reusable down to the last drop, so there's no waste

  • Fuel 21 does not produce any greenhouse gasses

  • Fuel 21 does not create any carbon monoxide, dioxin or nitrous oxide

  • Fuel 21 significantly reduces carbon dioxide

  • Fuel 21 is made from sustainable sugarcane

  • Fuel 21 is petroleum-free

  • Fuel 21 is methanol-free

  • Fuel 21 does not contain any chemicals

  • Fuel 21 is non toxic

  • Fuel 21 uses minimal fossil fuels in its manufacturing

More ways we increase sustainability:
  • Fuel 21 uses 100% recyclable packaging and containers

  • Fuel 21 packaging contains recyclable materials

  • Fuel 21 cans are refillable up to 15 times



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