The Smarter Choice for People and Our Planet

When you choose a green portable fuel, you help protect our health and our environment. Common complaints about green products are they don't perform as well as chemical-based products, or that green products cost more than your budget allows.

Fuel 21 sets a new standard for green by giving you a portable fuel that:
✓ Is safer to use than other ethanol-based fuels
✓ Is priced competitively with traditional and green fuels
✓ Performs better than other methanol or ethanol-based fuels
✓ Leaves a negligible carbon footprint

Made from sustainable sugarcane
Fuel 21 is an ethanol gel fuel made from sustainable sugarcane. We call Fuel 21 the truly green fuel because other plant-based fuels are commonly derived from corn, which is not sustainable.

Corn-derived fuels often require additives and other chemicals to burn efficiently. In contrast, Fuel 21 provides more heat without any additives, petroleum, preservatives or methanol.


Reduced carbon footprint
With Fuel 21, we're focused on minimizing our carbon footprint from start to finish. This includes how we source raw materials...to how you use the fuel...to how you dispose of the empty containers.

This economical, environmental fuel is:
  • Refillable - Each can refills up to 15 times for greater savings and to reduce resources used.

  • Reusable - Conveniently store unused fuel in its can. Then re-light when you need it again, so no fuel ever goes to waste.

  • Water-soluble - In case of accidental fire, it quickly extinguishes with water.

  • 100% natural - No dangerous chemicals or pollutants.

  • 100% recyclable containers - Nothing ever goes into landfills.

  • Sustainable - Made from sustainably farmed, renewable sugarcane.

Sustainable Sugarcane Advantages

  • Intense Heat
  • Protecting the Planet
  • Improving Lives
  • The Natural Choice
Exceptional heat performance

The higher a plant's sugar content, the hotter it burns. This makes sugarcane an ideal plant source for a green fuel that provides intense heat. Most warming fuels peak at 180°F - 195°F, then cool down as they continue burning. Fuel 21 quickly reaches 208°F and maintains that high heat output until the very last drop. This provides you maximum burn time in every can, and a consistently high heat you can rely on.
Protecting natural resources while improving quality of life

The growing worldwide demand for agricultural products led to several long-term problems including:

  • Topsoil depletion

  • Groundwater contamination

  • Decline of family farms

  • Poor living and working conditions for farm laborers

  • Increasing production costs

  • Deepening economic and social divides within rural communities

The principle of sustainable agriculture is that crops grow profitably while:
1. Protecting the land
2. Improving the farmers' quality of life, and
3. Enhancing the community

Sugarcane grows abundantly when using sustainable agriculture practices. Plus it uses minimal fossil fuels during manufacturing, which further protects natural resources.

At Fuel 21, we believe with the right ingenuity, you can have it all: A high-quality, high-performance product that protects people and our planet. That's why Fuel 21 only uses sustainably farmed sugarcane.

With this renewable resource, you receive the reliable heat you desire, while supporting the long-term health of our environment and society.

Why South African sugarcane

Fuel 21's sugarcane comes from South Africa - the main producer of sugarcane on the African continent.
South Africa is a major sugarcane producing country, which positively affects rural employment, sustainable agriculture practices, and the nation's economy.
All-natural fuel

Our unique formula burns hot to the very last drop, without any additives, preservatives, or other chemical fillers. So you get the performance you want, without the chemicals you don't.

  • No odor

  • No additives

  • No petroleum

  • No smoke

  • No harmful emissions

  • Non toxic

  • Use indoors or outdoors

  • Water-soluble

  • No methanol

See the Fuel 21 product line.



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